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1AI Academy for Top Executives

Choose one or more offerings of the AI Academy for Top Executives:

Open Courses for Top Executives

1-day courses with participants from different companies

  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Machine & Deep Learning
  • Chatbots
  • Data Science & Automated Decisioning

Inhouse Courses

1-day courses within one company

  • AI Bootcamp for Board of Directors
  • AI Bootcamp for Executive Boards
  • Deepening AI Sessions for Mgmt. Teams

Online Courses

Online courses plus optional project work and mentoring

  • AI Certificate Course for Board Members
  • AI Certificate Course for Top Executives
  • Project Work & Personal Mentoring

… or book the Executive AI Turbo Package including all offerings of the AI Academy for Top Executives

plus our special „VIP AI Expertise Desk”:

Open Courses for Top Executives

Unlimited access to all open 1-day courses of the AI Academy for Top Executives

Inhouse Courses

1-2 days of tailor-made inhouse courses conducted by leading experts in AI

Online Courses

Unlimited access for all board members and top executives to hand-picked online courses tailored to board-level

VIP Consulting and Support Desk

Active support and advice for all AI-related questions and requests; you will be connected to national and international AI ecosystem experts with any of your enquiries

2Top Talent Development in AI

Online Courses that are categorized into 3 units for perfect development of Top Talents

Entry-Level AI

  • AI Certificate Course for High Potentials

AI Leadership

  • AI Strategy & Leadership
  • AI Leadershio in Specific Company Functions
  • AI Leadership in Specific Industries

Deepening Skills

  • Robotics Process Automation (RPA)
  • Machine & Deep Learning
  • Data Science & Automated Decisioning
  • Chatbots

3AI Skill Development

Building up Buisiness and Technical Skills by covering a broad variety of topics

Skillset developed in each course:

Business Skills:

  • Development of business and leadership skills required to selct, design and implement AI solutions in your company
  • Courses covering all relevant business and management perspectives, e.g. required approach, impact and value creation, leadership, piloting, scale-up, organization, governande, change management etc.
  • Certfiication as Executive AI Expert in a specific AI area

Technical Skills:

  • Development of technical skills necessary to implement AI in your company on an operational level
  • Courses designed and conducted in collaboration with leading technology firms to allow for technical certifications in relevant AI solutions
  • Certification as Developer or Power User for one or more specific AI solutions

Topics covered:

Robotics Process Automation (RPA)

Machine Learning & Deep Learning

Data Science & Automated Decisioning


4AI Programs for End Customers

AI for SMEs, Entrepreneurs & Start-Ups

AI for Investors & HNWI

AI for Everyone

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