Our Faculty consists of world-class thought leaders, international and national practitioners and experts from the hottest and most spectacular AI, data, and automation companies and institutions with world-class expertise on applying AI, robotics and data related technologies in practice.

Our Faculty is growing in number and in geographic coverage. Our faculty members are lecturing and giving active support across all our digital and physical education activities.

Machine & Deep Learning

Davide Gallo

  • Senior Manager Business Development Machine Learning and AI Cross GSA at AWS
  • Lecturing Topic: Machine Learning, AI in Retail, AI in Banking, AI in Insurance

Dr. Patrick Bangert

  • VP of Artificial Intelligence at Samsung SDS, Head of the AI Sciences and AI Engineering Teams
  • Former CEO at Algorithmica Technologies, a Machine Learning Software Company Serving the Chemicals, and Oil and Gas Industries
  • Lecturing Topic: AI Leadership and Machine Learning

Dr. Michael Menzel

  • Machine Learning Specialist, Customer Engineering at Google
  • Previously Big Data and Cloud Infrastructure Architect Amazon Web Services and Big Data and Cloud Engineer at SAP
  • Lecturing Topic: AI in Industrial Production

Dr. Alexander Del Toro Barba

  • Lead Machine Learning Specialist at Google
  • Lecturing Topic: Machine Learning, AI in Energy & Utilities

Fuat Beşer

  • Founder of Leading AI Talent Communities Like Deep Learning Türkiye
  • Thought Leader on Machine and Deep Learning; Google Developer Expert
  • Lecturing Topic: Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Sayak Paul

  • Deep Learning Associate at PyImageSearch, a Company Dedicated to Helping Programmers, Developers, and Students Understand How Computer Vision Works
  • Technical Author and Speaker, Google Developers Expert in Machine Learning
  • Lecturing Topic: Machine Learning

AI in Customer Interaction, Marketing & Sales

Daniel Leahy

  • EMEA Engagement Lead, Cloud AI Product Development at Google
  • Lecturing Topic: AI in Banking, AI in Insurance, AI in Marketing & Sales (Customer Engagement)

Dr. Christoph Mittendorf

  • AI Advocate / Regional Product Lead at Google
  • Lecturing Topic: AI in Vision, AI in Marketing & Sales, AI in Sustainability

Dr. Dorian Selz

  • Internet Entrepreneur and Founder of Data-Driven Companies Like e.g. local.ch
  • CEO of Squirro, a Leading AI Platform That Delivers Actionable Recommendations for Better Business Outcomes
  • Lecturing Topic: Data Science, Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Christoph Bräunlich

  • Head of BSI AI
  • Previously worked for corporate research at ABB
  • Lecturing Topic: AI in Marketing and Sales

Data Science & Analytics

Claudio Mirti

  • Advanced Analytics & AI Specialist EMEA at Microsoft & Founder of Design Thinking and AI Courses in Higher Education in Switzerland and New York University
  • Lecturing Topic: AI in Leadership, Big Data, Analytics, IoT, Chatbot & Machine Learning

Dr. Anita Faul

  • Data Scientist at British Antarctic Survey, a Component of the Natural Environment Research Council of UK Research and Innovation
  • Former Director of Studies in Mathematics at Selwyn College, University of Cambridge
  • Lecturing Topic: Data Science

Dr. Carlo Torniai

  • Former Data Science Manager at Tesla and Global Director of Digital Product at Pirelli
  • Lecturing Topic: Data Science

İ. Berkan Aydilek - MD, PhD

  • Professor of Computer Engineering at Harran University
  • Artificial Intelligence in PhD and Associate Professor
  • Head of Computer Engineering Department
  • Manager of Information Technologies Research and Application Center
  • TEKNOFEST Advisory Board Member
  • Academic Information-Technology Foundation Trustee Founding Member
  • Founder of MASTERIFY, CEO
  • Lecturing Topic: Data Science, Deep Learning, Machine Learning

Computer Vision, Image and Speech Recognition

Shaun Moore

  • CEO and Founder of Trueface, the Leading Computer Vision Company That Creates Actionable Data from Existing Camera Feeds
  • Lecturing Topic: Computer Vision – Image Recognition and Image Processing

Dr. Julien Weissenberg

  • Founder of VisualSense AI, a Swiss-Based Boutique Advisory in Computer Vision and AI Providing Outstanding Services to Companies, Start-Up Incubators and Institutions
  • World Economic Forum Global Shaper
  • Lecturing Topic: Computer Vision – Image Recognition and Image Processing

Aniello Bove

  • CEO and Partner at Andrion Ag, a Swiss-Based Company Providing High Qualified Services and Solutions Within the Banking Industry
  • Lecturing Topic: Speech Recognition

Patrick Tan

  • Chief Marketing Officer at Extract AI, an Asia Based Company Providing Automated Machine Learning Platform that Allows Enterprises to Integrate AI in a Simple and Cost-Efficient Manner
  • Former Data Warehouse Engineer Specializing in Developing Business Intelligence Systems
  • Lecturing Topic: Computer Vision

AI in Life Sciences & Healthcare

Beste Selen Arıkan - MD

  • Head of Competence Centre Healthcare at AI Business School, Director Hub Malta
  • Lecturing Topic: AI in Healthcare

Dr. Alexander Ciritsis

  • Founder and CTO of b-rayZ, a Spinoff of the University Hospital of Zurich that Develops AI Software
  • Lecturing Topic: AI in Healthcare

Jason Warrelmann

  • Global Director of Healthcare and Life Sciences at UiPath
  • Former Engagement Leader at AVP Healthcare Enterprise Transformation
  • Lecturing Topic: AI in Life Sciences & Healthcare

Utku Şenol - MD, PhD

  • Professor of Radiology at Akdeniz University
  • PhD in Biostatistics and Medical informatics
  • Founder of HELCON HEALTH INFORMATICS Company and its Radinion initiative,  which provides imaging informatics consultancy, project partnerships and  teleradiology services
  • Lecturing Topic: AI in Healthcare

Katharina Fulterer

  • AI Entrepreneur and Automation Consultant
  • CEO of Boydak Automation, the Swiss Market Leader for RPA Design and Implementations
  • Lecturing Topic: Hyperautomation and RPA

İpek Gürhan - MD

  • Business Development Manager in Healthcare at AI Business School
  • Lecturing Topic: AI in Healthcare

AI in Financial Services

Elaine Mannix

  • Global Insurance Lead at UiPath
  • Intelligent Automation and Digital Transformation Strategic Advisor / Insurance Industry Change Leader
  • Lecturing Topic: RPA in Insurance

Ashok Krish

  • Global Head, Digital Workplace Practice at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)
  • Previously Head of Social Media & Workplace Reimagination Practice and TCS Innovation Lab Web 2.0, Solution Architect, Project Lead, and Software Engineer at TCS
  • Lecturing Topic: Future of Work, AI in Insurance

Vaitheeswaran Thirugnanam

  • Global Head – Insurance Industry Advisory Group at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)
  • Previously Head of TCS Innovation Lab
  • Lecturing Topic: AI in Insurance

Reni Parameshwaran

  • Enterprise Architect at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) – Research & Innovation
  • Creates Next Generation Solutions in the Insurance Space
  • Lecturing Topic: AI in Insurance

Dr. Dmitry Borisenko

  • Expert in Quantitative Finance and Data Science
  • Lecturing Topic: Machine Learning and Deep Learning

AI in Mobility

AI in Arts

Dr. Aybike Öngel

  • Head of Academic Programs and University Collaborations
  • Former Principal Investigator of the Individual Mobility Vehicles and Services Team at TUMCREATE, Singapore
  • Ph.D. degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering from University of California, Davis
  • Former Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering at Bahcesehir University and Kultur University
  • Former Visiting Research Associate in Road Engineering/Sealing Components Department at EMPA Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology
  • Lecturing Topic: AI in Mobility

AI in Arts

Refik Anadol

  • Media Artist, Director, and Pioneer in the Aesthetics of Machine Intelligence
  • Lecturer and Researcher for UCLA’s Department of Design Media Arts 
  • Recipient of Various Awards and Prizes Including Microsoft Research’s Best Vision Award, Google’s Artists and Machine Intelligence Artist Residency Award
  • Lecturing Topic: AI in Arts

AI in Procurement and Supply Chain

AI in IT

Geoffrey Guilly

  • Founder and CEO of Aitenders, a French-Based Company Optimizing Tender Management Processes With AI
  • Former CEO, CFO and Innovation Director in Engineering and Transportation Industry
  • Lecturing Topic: AI in Procurement

AI in IT

Daron Yöndem

  • Microsoft Azure Application Development Lead for MEA HQ

  • Regular Speaker at International Conferences on AI, Serverless, and Engineering Culture
  • Lecturing Topic: AI Leadership and Serverless AI

Hyperautomation and Robotics

Daniel Turi

  • Head of Financial Data Management at Allianz Suisse
  • Popular Author and Speaker
  • Lecturing Topic: RPA

Ralph Landolt

  • AI Entrepreneur and Automation Consultant
  • Co-Founder of Boydak Automation, the Swiss Market Leader for RPA Design and Implementations
  • Lecturing Topic: Hyperautomation and RPA

Sebastian Kautz

  • AI Consultant at Boydak Automation, the Swiss Market Leader for RPA Design and Implementation
  • Former Project Manager at Publicis and Digital Connect and Teamhead at Credit Suisse
  • Lecturing Topic: Hyperautomation and RPA

Social Impact, Ethics and Regulation

Dr. Thomas Ramge

  • Award-Winning, Best-Selling Author With Special Focus on AI
  • AI Researcher
  • Lecturing Topic: AI Ethics and AI-Based Decisioning

Dr. Leon Tsvasman

  • Author and Academic Teacher in Germany and the US
  • Lecturing Topic: Latest Thinking in AI Research and Science

Digital and AI Leadership

Ulrich Hoffmann

  • Former Head Group Operations at UBS
  • Lecturing Topic: Automation and AI in Banking

Andreas Kaelin

  • Founder and Owner of ICPRO GmbH, Service and Consulting Company for Business Management and Information Technology
  • President of ICT Vocational Training Switzerland
  • General Manager of ICTswitzerland, the Largest Swiss IT Association
  • Lecturing Topic: Digital Transformation – IT Strategy and Security

Dr. Kurt Mäder

  • Former Top Executive and COO in the Banking Industry
  • Ph.D. Degree in Physics from ETH Zurich
  • Lecturing Topic: AI in Leadership

Rudolf Falat

  • Senior Corporate Finance and Strategy Professional
  • Former Strategic M&A Transactions Leader for Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank
  • FinTech and Digital Transformation Enthusiast, Podcaster, Startup Mentor, and Executive Education Coach at INSEAD
  • Lecturing Topic: AI in Finance and Digital Transformation

Otto Bitterli

  • Former Top Executive and CEO in the Health Insurance Industry
  • Lecturing Topic: AI in Healthcare and AI Leadership

Gion-Pieder Pfister

  • Former Senior Vice President & CEO, Swissport International Basel
  • Lecturing Topic: Leadership in the AI Age, AI in Mobility

Peter Sany

  • Former Top Executive in Pharma, Healthcare, Technology and Banking Industries
  • Acknowledged CIO of the Year and Member of Various Boards, e.g. Chairman of the Advisory Board at Fraunhofer Institute for AI
  • Lecturing Topic: AI Leadership

Selçuk Boydak

  • International AI Entrepreneur, Company-Builder and Investor
  • Founder of the AI Business School
  • Lecturing Topic: Introduction-level AI Courses, AI in Healthcare and AI Leadership

Kamales Lardi

  • CEO at Lardi & Partner Consulting GmbH

  • Teaching Fellow and Chairperson of the MBA Advisory Board at Durham University Business School

  • Chair of the FORBES Business Council Women Executives

  • Lecturing Topic: Digital Transformation and AI Leadership