Swiss Post as the engine for a modern Switzerland


Swiss Post is one of the longest-standing and best-known brands in Switzerland. As it has always connected people, it is a piece of Swiss identity. For over 170 years, Swiss Post has successfully adapted to both social and technological changes and contributed to the modernization of Switzerland. Swiss Post is already using digital and AI technologies in various areas, with the aim of freeing employees from physically demanding or repetitive tasks, as well as improving decision making processes regarding associated risks.


Although Swiss Post has a stable financial base, its traditionally highly profitable core business is declining. «While letters remain a central pillar of our operations, we are transforming ourselves into a comprehensive logistics company for the Swiss economy», says Alex Glanzmann, CFO and Member of the Executive Board at Swiss Post AG. With the ‘Post of Tomorrow’, the growth strategy of Swiss Post is geared towards maintaining the high quality of its public service in the long term and ensuring targeted growth in its traditional core competencies in logistics and communications. “Furthermore, digital offerings are key, particularly in anticipating the future needs of our customers” as stated by Glanzmann.

“Five promising cases with quantifiable benefits and low to medium complexity will be implemented. We are excited about further learnings and insights for future potential cases along the way”


– Alex Glanzmann, Chief Financial Officer and Member of the Executive Board at Swiss Post AG


Swiss Post invests in the education and training of its finance executives to provide exceptional knowledge and best practices on the digitalization challenge, which is driven by AI and digital modern technologies. At the same time, this is leading to a mindset shift. In a parallel step, the executives were invited to contribute their ideas for potential improvement opportunities, with the help of digital technologies and the applied methodology: “In particular, the opportunity to contribute their ideas was very much appreciated by the participants” says Glanzmann. The best ideas were anonymously evaluated and nominated by external experts. At a joint Pitching Day, the top five ideas were elaborated on and prepared for implementation. This was supported by a jury consisting of internal and external experts. Based on this methodology, further enablement and impact waves will follow. The goal is to expand and deepen digital knowledge and skills, while at the same time iteratively increasing the complexity of the application areas and use cases. In this way, Swiss Post is becoming a learning organization, by developing its employees in future relevant skills, as well as positioning itself as an attractive and innovative employer.


Through this sophisticated upskilling program, in collaboration with the AI Business School, Swiss Post has not only established a structured and sustainable methodology for lifelong learning and creating awareness of the digital challenge, but also generated concrete, quantifiable business benefits: “The potential benefits range from mid-five-figure digits to million sums” says Glanzmann. During the empowerment initiative, key success factors in various departments were also identified. Glanzmann concludes: “We were happy to see that by including experts from within Swiss Post, we were able to further strengthen our collaboration, use of synergies, and vision”.


Alex Glanzmann, Chief Financial Officer and Member of the Executive Board at Swiss Post AG

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