With digital power into a green and above all secure energy future


VERBUND is Austria’s leading energy company and one of the largest producers of electricity from hydropower in Europe. As an innovative pioneer, VERBUND already generates 95 percent of its electricity from renewable energy sources, primarily hydropower. VERBUND trades electricity in 12 countries and, in 2021, generated a consolidated result of around €874 million and an EBITDA of around €1,579 million with around 3,200 employees. As one of the most environmentally friendly energy companies in Europe, VERBUND makes a significant contribution to security of supply. In addition, the company is particularly committed to climate and environmental protection as well as resource conservation and assumes social responsibility.


Despite all these exemplary results and clearly evident success factors, new digital technologies, data, automation and artificial intelligence (AI) are not stopping at the energy industry. There is increasing pressure from the market to stay on the forefront here, even as a risk-averse critical infrastructure company. In order to strengthen the integrated home market, expand new renewable energies in Europe and position itself as a European hydrogen player, VERBUND has bundled key areas of innovation (e.g. green hydrogen or new storage technologies) and digitalization within the Group, thus giving them a high priority. However, the successful implementation of this visionary and cross-company strategy and the accompanying transformation process requires a people-centric focus in order to take all employees along on this journey, prepare them for current and future challenges and actively involve them in the further development of the company.

“We are moving forward in digitalization and continue to empower our employees in digital technologies, data, AI and robotics to have a stable operation. In addition to our proven digital DNA, this requires courage, speed, agility, and good planning, which we exemplify.”

Thomas Zapf, Group Director Digitalization, Security and IT, VERBUND


VERBUND is convinced that investing in its employees is the right way to achieve its vision and move “with digital power into a green and above all secure energy future”. The omnipresent triangle of people, technology and processes is being carefully leveled and sustainably supported in the form of cultural change projects. In order to remain competitive and shape the future in a pioneering role, VERBUND is therefore strategically investing in the development and expansion of digital capabilities to
promote an understanding for the usage and collaboration with digital technologies and data. In cooperation with the AI Business School (AIBS), VERBUND curated a program on digitalization and AI in the energy industry for all employees. To increase the relevance and
identification within the company, additional company-specific content was produced by AIBS. Use cases, projects, impulses and success stories on digital technologies are told and presented by decision-makers, opinion leaders and project managers from VERBUND.


By involving VERBUND’s own high achievers, managers and selected employees in
combination with an excellent user experience, the initiative achieved an enormous hearing in a short time and was rolled out to large parts of the organization. The joint initiative received so much response and enthusiasm from participants and management at VERBUND that the success and outcome was published in the form of a best practice approach in the “Magazin Training”. In a first phase, awareness and enthusiasm for digital possibilities could thus be created and the basis for a new way of thinking and working could be established – this with the integration of VERBUND’s own success stories in digitalization. In doing so, VERBUND was able to access the know-how, expert network and broad portfolio of use cases and best practices as well as proven methodologies of AIBS to create even more innovative power and business value in the relevant areas. In the next joint step, the curiosity and newly gained knowledge will be used to generate ideas in the area of digitalization, data, robotics and AI to create even more tangible benefits and further drive culture change.

Thomas Zapf, Group Director Digitalization, Security and IT, VERBUND

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