Education – We help all stakeholders of our society to get ready for the age of artificial intelligence by providing access to the best AI knowledge and a global network of leading AI experts

Impact – We foster the practical use of AI with fast results and positive benefits for humans, businesses and the entire society

Equality – We contribute to a responsible use of AI, as well as to fairness and equal opportunities in the AI age

AI Academy for Top Executives

  • Exclusive courses, specially designed for top executives
  • In cooperation with C-LEVEL, Switzerland’s leading top manager community and our jointly built AI Academy

Corporate AI Programs

  • Open courses and seminar programs for managers and employees
  • Tailor-made, in-house education, training and transformational programs

AI Degree Programs

  • Al Boot Camps
  • International degree programs
  • Online courses
  • Lifelong learning


  • AI skill-building
  • Leveraging the human skill-set in the age of AI

Global AI Pioneers & Thought Leaders – among others:

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Schmidhuber

  • AI Pioneer
  • Co-Founder & Chief Scientist at NNAISENSE
  • Scientific Director at Swiss AI Lab IDSIA
  • Professor of AI at USI & SUPSI (Switzerland)

Pascal Kaufmann

  • One of Europe’s leading AI experts
  • CEO at Starmind International
  • Founder of the Mindfire Foundation
  • Serial entrepreneur and neuroscientist

Chris Boos

  • AI Pioneer and one of Europe’s leading AI experts
  • Founder and CEO of arago

Thomas Ramge

  • Best-selling Author
  • Expert on AI and new territory technologies
  • Sought-after Keynote Speaker

A selection of topics covered

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Robotics Process Automation (RPA)

Speech Recognition and Generation with Chatbots

Machine Learning & Deep Learning

Physical Robots

AI Ethics

Social Impact of AI

AI Cybersecurity

AI Academy started in March 2019

The AI Academy’s course curriculum started in March with two courses – AI Basics and Advanced AI, with internationally leading AI pioneers and experts
– among others:

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Schmidhuber, Computer Scientist & AI Pioneer

«Prof. Dr. Schmidhuber is one of the world's outstanding AI experts and has had a significant influence on modern artificial intelligence. He has been named by the New York Times as the Father of Artificial Intelligence.»

Pascal Kaufmann, Neuroscientist & Serial-Entrepreneur

«One of Europe's best-known AI experts, serial entrepreneur, neuroscientist and visionary.»

Thomas Ramge, Best-selling Author & Keynote-Speaker

«One of the most renowned technology writers in the German-speaking area on new territory topics like AI.»
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