Education – world-class education for companies and individuals in the age of Artificial Intelligence

Ecosystem – access to the best AI knowledge and a global network of leading AI thought leaders, experts, companies, institutions as well as AI talent

Impact – foster the responsible application of AI in practice with immediate positive impact and sustainable commercial benefits

Open Courses for Top Executives

  • Exclusive courses, specially designed for top executives
  • Get ideas and inspiration for specific actionable AI use cases
  • In cooperation with C-LEVEL, Switzerland’s leading top manager community and our jointly built AI Academy

Inhouse Courses

  • Open courses and seminar programs for top executives (board-level) as well as management teams
  • Tailor-made, inhouse education, training and transformational programs

Online Courses
(coming soon)

  • Online AI University for top executives, management teams as well as employees
  • Covering generalist-level as well as specialist-level
  • Better scalability, flexibility and convenience as it is available anytime and anywhere

A Selection Of Topics Covered

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Robotics Process Automation (RPA)

Speech Recognition and Generation with Chatbots

Machine Learning & Deep Learning

Physical Robots

AI Ethics

Social Impact of AI

AI Cybersecurity

We provide access to world-class knowledge and experts


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