Education – world-class education for companies and individuals in the age of Artificial Intelligence

Ecosystem – access to the best AI knowledge and a global network of leading AI thought leaders, experts, companies, institutions as well as AI talent

Impact – foster the responsible application of AI in practice with immediate positive impact and sustainable commercial benefits

Open Courses for Top Executives

  • Exclusive courses, specially designed for top executives
  • Get ideas and inspiration for specific actionable AI use cases
  • In cooperation with C-LEVEL, Switzerland’s leading top manager community and our jointly built AI Academy

Inhouse Courses

  • Open courses and seminar programs for top executives (board-level) as well as management teams
  • Tailor-made, inhouse education, training and transformational programs

Online Courses
(coming soon)

  • Online AI University for top executives, management teams as well as employees
  • Covering generalist-level as well as specialist-level
  • Better scalability, flexibility and convenience as it is available anytime and anywhere

The AI Business School in a Nutshell

A Selection Of Topics Covered

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Robotics Process Automation (RPA)

Speech Recognition and Generation with Chatbots

Machine Learning & Deep Learning

Physical Robots

AI Ethics

Social Impact of AI

AI Cybersecurity

We provide access to world-class knowledge and experts


Unlimited Possibilities with our Executive AI Turbo Package for Corporates

Open Courses for Top Executives

Unlimited access to all open 1-day courses of the AI Academy for Top Executives

Inhouse Courses

1-2 days of tailor-made inhouse courses conducted by leading experts in AI

VIP Consulting and Support Desk

Active support and advice for all AI-related questions and requests; you will be connected to national and international AI ecosystem experts with any of your enquiries

Online Courses
(coming soon)

Unlimited access for all board members and top executives to hand-picked online courses tailored to board-level

Check out all Corporate Packages in detail:

Corporate Packages

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